Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Khi - Where life is so not fair for the unfair gender.

I would have never noticed such discrimination had I still been living in Karachi along with my family. It was only when I came back to the metropolitan to pursue higher studies that I perceived such a big contrast.
What comes in your mind when you think of Karachi? The magnificent sea , ever glowing lights , load shedding, pan gutka and gender biasness.
Yup dude ,life is so not fair for the unfair sex in the Sindh Capital. It all would have started the very day Karachi was named Mai Kolachi, of course the name was changed to Karachi later but is seems the female spirit still looms large in the city.
Such is the practice here that all the trendy hang outs, parks , recreational spots are restricted to families only. As harsh it seems this would still be reasonable if it were to apply to both the species. But no, in this gender biased city two females are considered a family while two males a nuisance!!!!
If you are a guy/guys , try to get inside Forum or Park Towers on a Saturday evening and you’ll be shown the exit door even before making your way pass the entry door. But be It a mixed gathering or even one female and you’ll be greeted inside with a gratifying grin.
This anti male culture exists in open environment as well with Bagh Ibne Qasim and Funland having security all around ready to pouce on any female less male.
Moreover even the one and only renowned cinema in Karachi, CINEPLEX is families only. So you cant be a guy and watch a nice movie in a multinational cinema, no way , this right is preserved for the females only.
(Below are some snaps of the anti-male spots in Khi )

I have lived part of my life in Islamabad and never have I seen such a biased attitude of city holders. Heck Islamabad is far more peaceful then Karachi, even though they don’t stop guys from enjoying equal luxuries. So the matter of discipline or boys lacking manners is totally out of question. Be it HangOut, Hot Shot, Megazone, F-9 Park, Cinepax or any other place never would they judge you on your geneticals. And im sure same is the case in other cities aswell.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Saad Premier League , our own desi rip off IPL, has finally kicked off amid a lot of controversy and squabble. The project is a baby venture of Saad Bin Khalid. Comprising of 8 five member teams divided into two pools. The teams play 5 overs each with each player supposed to ball one over.

Pool A

Pool B




Screwing Tools


Fantastic 5



The pools were decided on parchi system, with no proper contemplation. The result was imbalanced pools with Pool A getting all the tougher teams and Pool B, relatively easier ones. However the main issue which the organization has got horribly wrong is the selection of players per team. For Ameer Salam (the lead of NCA) was shown the door by his very own organization and had to bear the expenses of making up another team. Similarly Faizan , when first asked by his Marriot Captain faked a back injury only to be later appointed by Afzal (Capt Bhutto). Majid’s exclusion from NCA has more to do with his personal grudge and ego against the captain NCA then anything else. Similarly Sheriyar got rejected by NCA. Few teams who did manage to retain their originality were


2)Screwing Tools

3) Dada (they did not have any fifth player so had to rope in Ali Murtaza)

4) Marriot

The point I am trying to make here is that it should have been a group competition. Players defending their groups, companies, gangs would have shown more commitment as there would have been some sort of belonging because they very much owe their groups. But sadly it seems the roots of player power and individuals first are so deep in Pakistan now that even 06A was not spared.

Highly Mismatched Teams

1)Bhutto ( due to Faizan)

2) Sharif ( due to Majid)

As the tournament enters the last phase of stage one, keep an eye on some old rivals having a go at one another and lets see who keeps his emotions under control and emerges out as the ultimate winner in one on one duel.

Opponent no 1

Opponent no 2



Ahmed Saeed


Ali Babar


A. Rauf



Wont take Place








Syed Saad

Eagerly awaited




Having already discussed the cons , I believe no system is faultless and there is always a room for improvement and hopefully the only way from here would be up. This indeed is big effort from the side of Sbk for coming over such an idea and then getting it implemented in letter and spirit by uniting 06 a under one roof. I would sign off by saying that at the end of the day it’s a game after all, no matter who wins or loses, the real winner is SPL. So kindly don’t get over emotional and leave the judgement to umpires. Goodluck everybody.