Sunday, September 8, 2013

Grand Divide

Just found this beautiful poem. Thought of reproducing it for the little or so who still read this space. Depicts the common religious narrative an average man has in this country. 

NOTE: A silent message for those willing to seek.

My faith is righteous,
And yours is void.
My Book is divine,
And yours is flawed.
I say my prayers,
And you do too,
;But yours are worthless,
And mine are true.
The light is mine,
And yours is gloom,
I will taste those wines,
Oh, you’ll be doomed,
I do not hate you
But can I love you?
And mingle with you,
The way brothers do?
Oh no, maybe not.
I am told not to.
My brothers are those,
Who share my faith,
No… not you,
And I am baffled,
By the life you lead,
The path you tread,
The things you do,
The words you recite,
The way you deny,
That you are not right.
All of it is nothing,
Nothing but a fallacy,
Even if you did
All the right things,
Even if you pray
Ten times a day,
Even if you are good
In your own moral way,
You have little chance.
Because there is still one thing,
One thing that you lack,
And you will find out,
Till then, we will live like this,
You and me,
Till the end of time,
On either side,
Of this grand divide.